In order to keep your silver jewelry in good condition and avoid deterioration, it is appropriate to explain some concepts.

925 silver will be subject like most metals to the oxidation and interference of other surfaces that can cause scratches or wear. The jewerly They are all finished with rhodium bath. Rhodium is a very shiny metal that gives a brighter finish and helps protect the silver from oxidation. Even the jewels in silver  are rhodium-plated it is important to have the following precautions that will help to preserve your jewelry much better:

How to keep your Jewels in silver

  1. Any jewel when in contact and friction with another will cause small scratches or wear by friction. This contributes to either wear the protective coating of rhodium as well as silver. Avoid saving your Jewels mixed with others. Place each one separately in an envelope or box.
  2. There are many factors that influence the oxidation of silver (blackening), the contact of jewels with colognes, creams and other beauty and cosmetic products that we usually use every day with the silver jewelery put on, we must avoid throwing the creams and colonies with them on.
  3. Keep your jewelry in dry places and not exposed to moisture. It is preferable to place them individually in easy-to-close plastic bags to avoid contact with the environment and avoid oxidation. In this way we not only avoid friction between garments but also that if any was subjected to any substance, the same, does not affect the others.

How to clean them

  1. The best way to clean a silver jewel It is using a white cloth made of cotton or wool.
  2. Avoid using cleaning detergents or strong soaps as these can cause damage and oxidation to the product.